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Video Subtitling/Voice‑over (Dubbing)

In this era of multichannel marketing, it’s not enough to be able to translate/localize pretty much any written content, in any format. It has now also become necessary to be able to localize any marketing material, including videos.

At Sparkling Lengua, we became aware of this early on and have since been offering subtitling/dubbing services.

Your company posted a video in English on YouTube, which is a fantastic idea, but wouldn’t you like to share it in other languages with all your non-English speaking customers? Based on your needs, we can process it from scratch, transcribing its content and translating it before turning said translation into subtitles and inserting those directly into the video.

We can also help you if you’d rather have your video dubbed instead of subtitled, since we offer voice-over services as well.

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