Many valued clients trust our translation and localization expertise


"I have been working with Fabien and his team of experienced translators for countless years! Since the time I was working at GretagMacbeth (back in 2002), Fabien was already my Project Manager for our very demanding and complex localization projects. The translation quality and project management skills have always been excellent. I would only recommend Sparkling Lengua to any company who has multilingual translation needs and who requires the "simply more" approach and care. On top of translations, they also manage desktop publishing and video subtitling projects into many languages. Thank you Sparkling Lengua for the long term partnership, great work and amazing flexibility!"

Paula ROSALES - Marketing Manager EMEA and BIPS

"We are getting very efficient turnaround, good quality results, pleasant customer service and a flexible approach to our localization needs with Sparkling Lengua. This allows us peace of mind in a complex area where one lacks visibility."

Hazel SPIRO - Localization Manager

"Highcon has worked with Sparkling Lengua for over 5 years. We have entrusted them with most of our translation and localization requirements during this time. We have found them to be responsive, helpful and professional.  Their ability to respond helpfully even when under intense pressure is highly recommendable and their willingness to invest in ensuring the most accurate translation of arcane technological terms is a testament to their professionalism.  They offer a wide variety of services at reasonable prices.  All in all, we at Highcon, enjoy working with them!"

Michelle HAREL - Marketing Coordinator

"For as long as we’ve been working with the Sparkling Lengua team, we’ve been impressed by the accuracy of their translations, which is of fundamental importance. More than that though, SAi values the all-round service offered – from the clear and concise plan of what we can expect to receive, to the prompt delivery of the translated material in the original artworked design. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them."

Jurgen VERHULST - Technical Marketing Manager EMEA

“We are only a small client but Sparkling Lengua have always provided us with great service.  They come back to us quickly with quotes, turnaround the work quickly and we’ve had no complaints about the quality of the translation or the DTP work.”

Clare SYKES - EMEA Marketing Manager

“For many years now, we have entrusted our multilingual localization needs to Sparkling Lengua.

As a leading provider of Application Delivery and IT Security solutions, we rely on our terminology, which is quite specific, being hit head on. Their team excels at that. We also value their friendly, responsive service and the sheer range of file and project types they can handle.
Great team, great service – we keep coming back for more!”

Julia GEVA - Marketing EMEA & CALA

"We have been using your translation services for some time and have always been very pleased with the speed of turnaround and quality of translation. Whatever the document or language, we know that the level of service will always be friendly and efficient. It is a pleasure to deal with you."

Ruth CLARK - Managing Director

"In his company, Sparkling Lengua, Fabien Jusnot continues along the lines of excellence that have established a well-deserved reputation for many years. With his team, he delivers accurate localization at a competitive price, flexible project management and exceptional customer focus: a winning combination that puts Fabien at the top of his profession."

Marc VERBIEST - International Public Relations Manager

"Out of all the translators we’ve worked with, our clients often make an effort to tell us how perfect Sparkling Lengua’s translations are. It’s great to know that we can always rely on Sparkling to meet our very tight deadlines, whilst still providing perfect industry-literate content – and on top of that, they are a joy to work with!"

Samantha WHITE - Junior Account Manager

"Working with Sparkling Lengua is a real pleasure. The open, friendly and professional attitude has always resulted in solutions exceeding my expectations. What else can I say but "Thank you!"."

Hanan BUCH - Office Administrator and Translation Manager

"We have been working for many years with Sparkling Lengua. As a content- and editorial driven agency, active in all regions of the world with our own global writers’ network, we can rely on his involvement and commercial drive to help us on even the most complex assignments in translation. But the team is equally available to do the 10-line translation with only an hour’s notice. With Sparkling Lengua, Living Stone is never "lost in translation"."

Bart VERDUYN - CEO & Anne-Mie VANSTEELANT, COO - Communication coach

"Having translations done by Sparkling Lengua is a breeze. Responses to requests are handled very quickly. Deadlines are always respected and met as agreed upon."

Sukerti VAN SCHOORISSE - Marketing Manager

"The Sparkling Lengua team has been able to help me out several times, delivering quality work under extremely tight deadlines. The agency will look after for your interests, really going the extra mile. I look upon them as trusted partners and not just as "suppliers". They have an established group of experienced translators specialized in a variety of sectors, and I’ve found their work as a whole to be top notch. I strongly recommend Fabien and his team to anyone searching for a quality partner able to handle small or large volumes in various languages."

Laurent SCHOTS - Senior Consultant

"We are delighted to work with Sparkling Lengua. They are highly professional and always answer translation requests very quickly. Agreed deadlines are always met and the quality of the translations they deliver is just perfect. Over the years, we have developed a relationship based on a strong confidence. Never change a winning team."

Bénédicte LAMBERT - Managing Assistant

"Sparkling Lengua is a translation partner you can trust. They care about customer service and they respect deadlines without jeopardising translation quality. It’s a true pleasure to work with the team. For Heidelberg, this is the perfect partner and they can adapt to all our translation needs, no matter how urgent or highly specialized our projects are. Relying on Sparkling is a matter of common sense."

Cécile MOREAU - Communication Coordinator Global Environmental Sustainability

"Cooperation with Sparkling Lengua is very pleasant and easy. They were able to deliver the translation into German, English and Dutch of our leaflets and technical documents within a very short time and did a meticulous job. You can also see their professionalism in translating our website into German and Dutch at www.actiflip.com"

Anne-Lise BAEHR - Marketing Manager

“We have looked for a firm with knowledge of prepress and printing to supply localisation for our Impostrip® into several languages. Sparkling Lengua and their team of translators deliver quality work and in a relatively short time. This is very important to us.”

Joanne DAVID - President & CEO

"Working together with Sparkling Lengua was pretty comfortable. We received the French translation within the agreed time period, in good quality and at a reasonable price. At www.lessmann.com you can see the result of our cooperation."

Patricia LESSMANN - Marketing LESSMΛNN GmbH

"Last Sunday I emailed Fabien a letter that we had to send on Monday evening. The letter was in English and needed to be translated into German. I was surprised when I noticed that the letter had been translated that very afternoon - on a Sunday! This is more than good service!"

Daniel PIERRET - Director

"We work with Sparkling Lengua mainly for the translation of our press releases and we highly recommend their translation services. They deliver premium quality at a supersonic speed. We look forward to working with you in the future and appreciate the great service."

Bernd STAUDT - Finance

"Ever since we started working with Sparkling Lengua, we have realised we have been saving time, as we had been doing a good deal of the translations ourselves in the past. Our field is quite complex and despite tight deadlines and terminology that is quite technical, Sparkling Lengua has always delivered us services beyond reproach. The team is punctual and doesn’t hesitate in sending several propositions, depending on the context."

Bertin SORGENFREY - Head of International Marketing

"We are really happy to work with a reliable and professional partner such as Sparkling Lengua. Whether it be long-term translations or unforeseen projects with short lead times, we can always count on a customized, flexible, and fast service. There are never delays in communication and people are very polite. Excellent. It’s really like working with partners and not with a supplier."

Sabine JOACHIMS - Manager Marketing Services

"We’ve been working closely with Sparkling Lengua for many years on various multilingual translating projects from across different departments within our organisation. The experience has always been successful both in terms of flexibility and speed as well as in terms of reliability and accuracy of the job delivered. Their expertise in very specific industry-related terminology in a variety of languages is highly appreciated. We look forward to maintaining such great partnership in the future! Thank you Séverine & Fabien!"

Fabrice PATERNOTTE - HR Manager, International Human Resources

"We wanted a supplier who could provide us with multilingual translation in over 20 languages and coordination with our subsidiaries – all under the same roof. In Sparkling Lengua, we have found a strong partner. They offer a premium service thanks to high flexibility and great responsiveness."

Matteo BASTREGHI - Marketing Manager

"Sparkling are always extremely efficient in managing fst's projects, they are very helpful, always accommodating and friendly. Every time we submit a request they respond immediately and always deliver on time. Thanks!"

Lisa JOHNSON - Performance Director

"A colleague of mine recommended the Sparkling Lengua translation agency as a good one. Though I have only been using their services for a relatively short time, I am very pleased with the quality of translations as well as their way of communicating with customers: instant answers, accuracy, always an offer with a price prior to job execution. I am looking forward to our future cooperation."

Nicolas GRANDE - Online Marketing Coordinator

"Getting the most out of your digital stills, smartphoto is one of the major European web-to-post e-commerce websites in digital photo printing that enables you as a customer to get the most beautiful photo products delivered to your home within the shortest possible time. Active in over 14 countries all over Europe, smartphoto offers a large product range of photo prints from photo books to photo calendars and photo gifts for special occasions. This requires short time-to-market of new products, product adaptations and changes to SEO-driven web texts. The translations are without doubt one of the more important parts of this process. Here, we found Sparkling Lengua to be a solid partner in achieving our goals as they deliver fast and constant quality and real flexibility, with a will to always go the extra mile. On top of that, we were able to coordinate both our workflows to minimize the workload when exchanging source texts and translations."

Sarah LIETAERT - eCom Assistant

"We have been working with Fabien since 2002 and have the utmost confidence in him and his team of experienced translators. Throughout the years, Sparkling Lengua has continued to meet our deadlines while maintaining the highest level of quality and service. It is a delight to see the extent of cooperation between Fabien’s team and our Honeywell validators, and to know that we can always count on Sparkling Lengua to deliver expertly translated content, quickly and cost-effectively."

Diane MUELLER - Senior Web Content Manager, ePresence Marketing

"Localizing high-tech content with constantly changing terminology is particularly challenging. That’s why I have relied on the Sparkling Lengua team for more than a decade. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the best in the business!"


"Sparkling Lengua provide a fast, professional and good value translation service. They are genuinely interested in our business and work hard to understand our needs and meet our expectations. Our texts often feature specific technical vocabulary and we can depend on Sparkling Lengua to thoroughly research the terminology and provide us with high-quality translations."

Tom PINDER - Marketing Manager

"We have been using Sparkling Lengua’s services for the Dutch and French translations of our Graphic Arts clients’ sensitive and highly technical material. You can definitely trust their expertise. They know what they are "translating about"…"

Daniela MAHLKE - Director of Marketing Services

"Thanks Fabien, you and the Sparkling Lengua team turned a daunting publishing project into a walk in the park. In the face of punishing daily deadlines, your flexibility, accuracy, professionalism and fast turnarounds helped ensure the success of our first bilingual daily show newspaper. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to working with you again."

Darryl DANIELLI - Editor and Publisher

“The service we get from Sparkling Lengua is to a very high standard. Their translators are well-versed and knowledgeable, whatever the target language.
Beyond that, we particularly appreciate the team’s responsiveness and their ability to handle just about any document type. That gives us a trusted partner for our whole range of projects – our newsletter, videos, corporate presentations, training material, web content, and more. Well done!”

Béatrice RAHARINAIVO - Marketing Project Manager

"AD Communications has worked with Sparkling Lengua for several years to support our clients’ translation needs into a range of European languages. The Sparkling team is efficient and accommodating, understanding that ours is a deadline-driven business and offering rapid response when timelines are tight – as they often are. Their translators’ expert knowledge of many of the sectors we ourselves specialise in is invaluable, and ensures that translations are accurate and industry-appropriate. They are proactive about understanding our clients’ own preferred terminology, and receptive to constructive feedback. Where the requirement is for creative “transcreation” rather than direct translation, the Sparkling Lengua team produces copy that accurately reflects the content, style and tone of voice of the original, while adding the style and linguistic nuances which are missing in a more literal translation. We often recommend them as a partner for localisation of B2B content."

Shireen SHURMER - Joint Managing Director

"We needed a translation agency in the EMEA that uses real people to do the translations. Firstly we needed to improve the translation quality and secondly to restore confidence with the Country Marketing Managers that centrally translated content is as good as they would translate themselves. I have no hesitation in recommending Sparkling Lengua to anyone needing a personal, professional, timely translation of business campaigns."

Sally RIDDETTE-PAGE - Digital Marketing Manager

"Sparkling Lengua’s customer service and reliability is excellent. They always take into consideration careful time planning but their speedy response enables us to receive our translations quicker than expected and of a very high standard. We continue and look forward to working on future projects with Sparkling Lengua in the future."

Mark GRACEY - Managing Director

"I’ve worked in a number of pan-EMEA roles, frequently having to turn round a large number of international campaigns. Having a good localization agency can be a make or break instance in that process and historically I’ve had to use different agencies for different countries due to the preferences of regional managers. However, with Sparkling Lengua the standard is so consistent across all languages that I’m able to use them as a single point of coordination. They also have the fastest turnaround time I’ve experienced with a team that of very efficient and happy people. They make my life easier."

Luke WHITEHEAD - EMEA Marketing Director

"Translating material into local languages and local dialect can be a challenge, especially with our industry’s terminology. Yet from the beginning of our business relationship, Sparkling Lengua has delivered quality service and quality material. Fabien and his team have proven our trust in their work. Thank you, Fabien!"

Beth WARREN - Marketing Brand Manager, Global Marketing

“Working with the team at Sparkling Lengua is an absolute pleasure. They are always available for requests, they make urgent deadlines work and the translations are spot on. Especially when you’re working with a variety of different languages like we do in our team, having a reliable agency like them at hand makes life a lot easier.”

Julia BRAUN - PR & Marketing Assistant

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