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"I’ve been working with Fabien since 2000. Looking back on all these years of collaboration – from Hitext to Sparkling Lengua, from colleague to client – one thing is clear: his background and know-how in translation and localisation – for the printing industry and far beyond – are difficult to match. I now wish him every success with Sparkling Lengua!"
Ariane - German Translator
"A very well organised, friendly and professional translation agency. It's always a pleasure to work with Séverine and Fabien, they are very pleasant to work with, helpful and very precise - I really enjoy working with them!"
Elena - Italian Translator
"It's always a pleasure to work for Sparkling Lengua. They always provide you immediately with all the necessary material to perform a good job and they answer queries promptly. They are very professional, but in their relationship with the partners there is always a "human touch"."
Simona - Italian translator
"Ever since I started working for Sparkling Lengua, it has been a pleasure to work for them. They are quick to deal with any requests and payments are always done on time. Through them I have come to work for clients giving me very regular work, so no complaints there..."
Maarten - Dutch translator
"In one capacity or another, I've had the privilege of working with Fabien since 2005 and with Séverine since 2009. I have to say, as a team, both of them are one of the reasons I like my job so much: their enthusiasm, their professionalism and their kindness make for a wonderful working relationship and they are always ready and available to answer any question or comment that might arise during a project and to praise a job well done. It is truly a pleasure to collaborate with them!"
Stéphanie - French translator
"I have been working with Fabien since 1999: this is true and mutual loyalty."
Didier - French translator
"Sparkling Lengua is an agency with a lot of experience. I’ve worked with Fabien for many years and he is totally dedicated to his work and clients. As a translator, I’ve always found him to be very reactive, answering queries rapidly and accurately. His knowledge of the sector and industry is unparalleled; he is a dream partner to work with. I would recommend Sparkling Lengua to anyone looking for a serious translation agency, which can handle small or large projects within deadlines."
Sandrine - French translator
"I got to know Fabien years ago as a client, a Japanese prepress manufacturer which had all its promotional collateral translated by Fabien’s former employer. At that time I highly appreciated his fully committed and reliable way of working. In 1998 I decided to work as a freelance translator and over the years it’s been a pleasure working with Fabien and accompanying the different phases of his professional career. When he approached me saying that he intended to run his own localization company and hoped to continue our long-lasting cooperation, I was happy and proud. And I am fully confident that both his clients and his partners (freelance translators) will benefit from his personal and professional assets, i.e. reliability, dedication to quality and accuracy, enthusiasm, to name just a few. It’s great working with you Fabien!"
Tina - German translator
"In my capacity as a translation and localization specialist I have known Fabien Jusnot for many years, first when he was working as a Project Manager in various translation companies in Belgium and later on as he became the Managing Director at Sparkling Lengua. He and Séverine Chevalier have provided me with the opportunity to meet a fantastic group of professionals: Marianne, Coralie, Stephanie, Barbara, Alessandra, Ariane and Florence, all of whom consistently demonstrate their utmost respect for the translation profession. In addition they have always been a very reliable and flexible company, and extremely professional in all their dealings making them truly a pleasure to work with in every respect".
David - Spanish language translator and proofreader
"Having worked with Sparkling ever since its inception, I particularly appreciate the possibility of working seriously and professionally in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Deadlines are reasonable, our questions are immediately taken into account and the clients’ answers are promptly forwarded to us. To us translators, this is the key to an efficient collaboration, a crucial element to produce our very best work."
Valérie - French translator
"During all those years I have known Fabien, I could notice his devotion to always getting the most of the team and yield a superior quality of the completed work. Now, at Sparking Lengua, this devotion is even greater, and it's always a pleasure working with someone so devoted to the job."
Marta - Brazilian Portuguese Manager
"I have worked with Fabien Jusnot first as colleagues, then for him as a Spanish translation provider, since 2003. Apart from the serious and professional work he does managing translation and localization projects with his company Sparkling Lengua, I appreciate the mutual trust and flexibility we share."
David - Spanish language translator and proofreader
"We had the opportunity to work with Fabien in recent years and it is a pleasure to continue to do so now with Sparkling Lengua. Our congratulations and best wishes for success."
Gabriela - Latin American Spanish
"In over 10 years of collaboration, Fabien Jusnot has always amazed me with his pure professionalism and dedication. He constantly takes all the right steps to ensure that the job gets done well and on time. And with complete fairness to everyone involved."
Kieran - English Translator
"Being a translator with nearly 20 years of experience, I greatly appreciate working with Fabien’s Sparkling Lengua team. They have a professional working attitude and value accuracy, punctuality and loyalty combined with the most up-to-date translation technologies."
Angelika - German Translator
"Sparkling Lengua: Reliable, cooperative and friendly. It is always a pleasure working with such a trustworthy company whose goal is the best quality. Keep up the good work."
Joanna - Greek Translator
"It is always great pleasure working with Fabien and his team. They are very professional in localization/translation and always nice and helpful. I’m looking forward to do more business with Fabien and his team."
Apeng Pan - Chinese Project Manager
"I really enjoy working with Sparkling Lengua. The staff are very professional and efficient, but also friendly and kind. I started collaborating with them a long time ago, and together we worked on a variety of projects, often highly technical and innovative, with excellent results. What I like most is that they make you feel that your work and contributions are appreciated, that you belong to a team - in our field, this is extremely rare and motivates you to give the very best."
Paolo - Italian translator
"We are very proud to cooperate with your company. Your professionalism, patience and, of course, your good humour and diplomacy always help to solve even the most difficult problems."
Jitka - Czech Project Manager
"Sparkling Lengua sparkles like the most precious diamond in the language sky. Whatever type of project we work on with our partners at Sparkling Lengua, our cooperation is always at its best! An amazingly professional team of project managers who are skilled not only in project management but also in time management – that's Sparkling Lengua. It’s hard to find such a wonderful, hardworking, friendly and helpful team of people. If I had to choose which of our partners I would go out for a beer (lunch/coffee…) with, our colleagues from Sparkling Lengua would be my first choice!"
Andrej - Czech Project Manager
"Where friendliness and professionalism find their synergy. Result: reliability. No wonder clients stick to Sparkling and suppliers help with pleasure."
Giorgio - Italian translator
"My first contact with Fabien was in 2001 and we were colleagues in the localization business. Some years later I became a freelancer for the company he was working for and now he has become one of my favourite clients: interesting jobs, sensible deadlines and very correct payment terms. I may say I'm happy with this sparkling experience so far!"
Monica - Spanish translator
"Having worked with Fabien on countless translation and localisation projects over the last decade, I am pleased to be working with him again as MD of Sparkling Lengua. He and his staff are friendly and very well organised. They are consummate professionals in their field, always giving reasonable deadlines with effective support and feedback. I’m looking forward to another decade of successful collaboration."
Karen - English translator
"Efficiency, reactivity and clarity in a profession subject to many technical constraints and short deadlines - and always with a smile! It is a real pleasure to work for Sparkling Lengua! I wish them a lot of success and I hope we will carry on our collaboration for a long time!"
Judith - French translator
"It is a pleasure to work with Sparkling Lengua: the translation projects are very interesting and Fabien is really helpful and professional. A very reliable company I would recommend to any translator."
Amandine - French translator
"As a former colleague of Fabien, I’m familiar with his good spirit, efficiency, flexibility and amiability, all of which qualities that I find back at Sparkling Lengua today. I’m very glad that we had the opportunity to renew our collaboration and hope to continue on this path for the years to come."
Marlène - French translator
"I've been working for Sparkling as a freelance translator since its foundation. I'm happy to say our relationship has been all along based on high professionalism, trust and respect. A very positive combination making our collaboration a real pleasure. Sparkling Lengua is one of a kind in every aspect, leading the way through its capacity in dealing with its clients and going beyond their expectations."
Nadia - Canadian French translator
"Sparkling Lengua is undoubtedly one of my favourite clients. The jobs are interesting, the team is very professional, friendly and always ready to help! I am convinced this must reflect in their relations with their clients and I look forward to expanding my collaboration with the company in the years to come. In a nutshell, a reliable partner to have as a client or a supplier!"
Lionel - French Translator
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