Strong capabilities, a flexible approach

Strong capabilities, a flexible approach

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Why us?

Highly transparent & competitive pricing

Our pricing is highly competitive, being positioned between the standard market rates for freelancers and translation agencies.

Our price quotations are straightforward and transparent. We take care to detail the price per language, per word and per translation recoup category. Thanks to the translation memories, you may not be charged for the full source-text word count as you may be able to benefit from pre-existing text that has already been fully or partially translated. We take the translation recoup into account in our quotations and "translate" the level of your savings into €.

First-class Project Management!

We are your direct interface in the management of all Sparkling Lengua’s projects.
You can depend on us to coordinate the different resources, prepare translatable files and gather all reference materials, develop and maintain schedules and optimally allocate the appropriate Certified Partner. We consistently follow up on the progress of the on-going projects, communicate detailed status reports and deliver the final translated/localized products as per your initial deadlines.

Our experience is your advantage!

The management team at Sparkling Lengua contributes more than 15 years of senior Project Management expertise, with in-house corporate experience. This has given us a real-life perspective of the pros and the cons, the "must-do" and the "take-care-to-avoid" processes for successfully managing translation projects. There is no time to lose when it comes to urgent projects. Our project management approach is both agile and methodical – meeting your deadline without delays, high prices or surcharges.

The Sparkling Lengua team is truly rich in diversity; as French writer Bernard Werber postulated, 1+1=3, the collective talent exceeds the sum of the individual talents. We all have very specific skills that we bring to the table to enrich the project management process since we all come from different educational and professional backgrounds: translation, linguistics, marketing, sales, desktop publishing, graphical creations and web design.

An extensive network of translators: more than 300 partners

We work with a strong infrastructure and network of effective partner translators to achieve total client satisfaction.

All our translators have a university degree in translation, industry-specific knowledge and translate only into their mother tongue. They are fully conversant with the trends, complexities and terminology of the high-tech industries.

Sparkling Lengua’s mission is to offer you the very best of our experience in terms of efficiency, pricing, flexibility and networking.

Translation Memories

A Translation Memory is a database organized by language combinations (English/German for instance) and per client to store translations. Each translation is loaded into a database while being performed. This database is shared by the translators, enabling them to automatically recoup all matching or similar translations from previous or current projects.

Translation Memory technology delivers a number of significant benefits to the client:

We can also create and update customized glossaries for your specific market.

Client validation

If the translation needs validation by an in-country reviewer prior to final delivery, we will be more than happy to liaise with your validators. It is our belief that efficient and clear communication with your local subsidiaries enables us to collaborate towards a common goal: total satisfaction.

The validation is a process of tracing and documenting your feedback so that approved versions are later stored in the translation memories. Your in-country reviewer has the opportunity to review the translation versus the source text, to mark possible changes and add comments. This enables our translators to learn from the possible edits and take them into account for future projects.

Outsource with confidence and let us manage the details!

We did it!

Our well-organized terminology management, state-of-the-art production solutions and scheduling capabilities ensure efficient and cost-effective translation/localization – Irrespective of the volume!